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Beautiful crisp paper, soft to the touch. Let your dreams and desires shine with a design for your wedding stationery that suits your personality, and your style. Let your vision be executed by me, with precision and through a great eye for detail. Make a great and lasting first impression for your wedding.

I am constantly adding new designs to my exclusive collections. These can be personalised with  your details to perfectly suit your preferences. Together, let's create lasting memories, by making a great first impression.


I'm Mara Korstanje Snape. I'm passionate about seamlessly blending design elements that I personally create by hand, with the help of one of those fancy things we call computers. I love making beautiful wedding stationery that will give you joy and I hope to make your special event, that little bit more special. Alternatively if you have any other graphic design needs, I would love to help. I have a background in branding and advertising so please send me an email at and we can get the conversation started.


If you would like completely unique wedding stationery, made just for your wedding, then say hello by sending me an email and we can get the conversation started. Starting from $700 + Printing